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Personal web-portal

Under construction:

Here is the personal web-portal for the Russain scientist and writer A.V. Moskalenko. It is under construction now. You can see the Sitemap...


In 2019 the old version of the personal web-site, which was developed until 2012, was moved on the address:

The history of the web-site

My personal web-site arise in the early 2000 in the very begining of Ru-net formation. There are a lot of traces of it in the Internet. А счётчик Майл.Ру был за этим сайтом зарегистрирован ещё 1 июня 2001 года.

In 2014 it was moved to the short domain name Before my web-site was located on the domain name; since 2014 I have, however, had no relationship and no concern to the domain name, except pure historical sence.

Many site sections are removed now to Archives. I left them, because they themselves are valuable documents that store evidence of various stages of development of both the Russian Internet and Russia itself.

Perhaps, I ought somehow to publish here a more detailed history of the development of the AVM-portal...